May 1-- October 31,Shanghai City

      Anhui and Expo
Steel Products to Shine Expo
Hefei Made Screen for Iceland Hall in Expo
Big Whale Makes Expo Safer
Ankai Electric Bus to Operate in Expo
Anhui Science & Technology to Shine in Expo
Anhui Tech to Ensure Clean Sky During Expo
Expo Mascot Tech-Powered by Anhui
Hui Culture Shines in Expo
Folk Art to Appear in Anhui Expo Week
Dangtu Ballad to Be Staged in Expo
Hui culture gets in online showcase
Calligraphy Work to Greet Expo
Disabled Artists to Perform in Expo
Anhui Prepares Fine Food and Folk Art for Expo
Anhui Pavilion Receives 2.6 million Visitors, as Expo Ended Oct.31
The pavilion of Anhui province had received 2.6 million of visitors from home and abroad, as 2010 Shanghai World Expo closed on the night of October.31.
Anhui Pavilion Loved by All
Anhui Pavilion has become top 3 among all the pavilions in China and lots of statesmen and stars have visited it.
Race for Pavilions Is on
With 2010 World Expo drawing to conclusion in the end of October, Shanghai's neighboring cities are competing with each other to buy and rebuild some popular foreign Expo pavilions after the World Expo, hoping the exotic buildings can help attract both tourists and foreign investment.
Anhui Week:Drop the Curtain
Anhui Week ended
     Treasures in Anhui Pavilion

China Pavilion located in the middle is the place to show Chinese elements and spirits.

      About Anhui
Mt.Huangshan Welcomes Visitors from Expo
Overseas Travel Agencie Visits Hongcun Village
Huangshan Mountains Fascinate Foreign Visitors
Huangshan: Six Hundred Million Spent to Upgrade Spring Resort: Six Million Spent to Upgrade Spring Resort
Two Treasures To Tempt Expo Visitors
Expo Benefits Tourism of Mt.Jiuhua
Sanhe Town Shines in Expo
Anhui's Tourism Gears Up for Expo
Taiping Lake Scenic Area
Tianzhu Mountain Scenic Area

Anhui Province was founded in 1667 and has a proud history of over 300 years. Early in the Qing Dynasty a huge province, named Jiangnan Province, was founded. It included what are now Anhui Province, Jiangsu Province and Shanghai City.During the Qing Dynasty, in the sixth year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi (A.D.1667), Jiangnan Province was divided into two provinces: Anhui and Jiangsu. The name Anhui comes from the first Chinese characters of two prefectures, Anqing and Huizhou. In the year when Anhui was established, Anqing was the political center of the province and Huizhou was the economic center.

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