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Festive China: Spring Festival
Spring Festival is China's biggest extravaganza and a day for family reunion Pub Date:20-01-22 09:35
Hefei Chenghuangmiao Decorated for Spring Festival
Photo taken on January 19, 2020 shows Spring Festival decorations such as Pub Date:20-01-21 10:47
Flash Mob Dance Staged during Spring Festival Travel Rush
A flash mob entertains passengers at Wuhu Railway Station in Wuhu Pub Date:20-01-20 10:29
Spring Festival Travel Rush: Chef Prepares Food for Passengers on Train
Li Rongjun, a chef working for dining cars on trains, has taken this job for 33 years.
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:20-01-20 08:44
Lanterns Lit up to Celebrate Spring Festival
The lantern show, one of the city’s traditional celebrations for the Spring Festival, will run through February 9. Pub Date:20-01-19 15:07
Huaibei Library Holds Traditional Celebration ahead of Spring Festival
Local people take part in a lantern riddle-solving activity in Huaibei Library Pub Date:20-01-19 11:00
Xiaonian Festival Marked across China
Hu Zhongfu, the inheritor of the Anhui provincial intangible cultural heritage "dragon lamp", draws eyes for the dragon lantern
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:20-01-19 08:42
E China's Hefei Clears Snow to Ensure Safe Trips
Workers clear snow and ice from rail tracks at Hefei Railway Station in Hefei, Pub Date:20-01-17 11:02
Kids in China's Anhui Greet New Year with Paper-cuttings
Pupils show their works at a paper-cutting art gallery in Shexian county, Pub Date:20-01-17 09:55
Intl Students Volunteer to Serve Spring Festival Travelers
International students from Yangtze Normal University volunteer to serve China's
Source:China Daily Pub Date:20-01-16 15:22
Chinese New Year Events to Draw 25,000 People in Panama
As many as 25,000 people are expected to take part in the Chinese Lunar New Year
Source:Xinhua Pub Date:20-01-16 10:44
2020 Happy Chinese New Year: Sharing Spring Festival Traditions around the Globe
Home, happiness, good fortune and hope. As the Spring Festival nears, the 2020 Happy Chinese New Year Pub Date:20-01-16 10:44
2020 Rural Spring Festival Gala staged in China
The performance was launched in eight other provinces or autonomous regions Pub Date:20-01-10 08:49
Anhui Operates First Temporary Trains for chunyun
About 440 million trips are expected to be made by rail during the 40-day travel rush, up 8 percent Pub Date:20-01-07 09:57
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Region becoming industrial cluster of the world
Anhui inks agreement with Alibaba, Ant Financial
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Clusters of Integrated Cities Seen as Future of Growth
China's Anhui, German State Cooperate in Rural Program
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High-quality Reboot Revives Oilcloth Umbrella Tradition
2nd Chinese Intangible Cultural Heritage New Year Festival Gala held in Hefei
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