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Train Tickets Available for 2020 Spring Festival Travel Rush    2019-12-04 10:48
Train Services Halted as Typhoon Maria Hits East China    2018-07-11 15:39
Hefei Railway Stations will Add Train Services during Upcoming Holiday    2018-06-13 15:10
Railway Ticket Prices to Vary with Demand    2018-05-07 09:41
Railway Stations Increase Operations for May Day Holiday    2018-04-27 08:51
Hefei Operates 'Fuxing' Bullet Trains    2018-04-10 09:27
Price of Some High-Speed Rail Tickets to be Cut    2018-03-30 16:47
More Train Services This Weekend to Facilitate Post-Exam Travel    2017-06-16 11:41
Flight to Link Hefei with Osaka, Japan    2017-03-01 10:11
Things to Know for National Day Holiday    2016-09-29 10:36
Hefei-Anqing Rail Project to Break Ground This Year    2016-09-13 09:37
Record Numbers Expected on Railways    2016-09-09 08:27
Some Train Schedules Adjusted    2014-08-07 15:22
High-Speed Trains Offer Discount Tickets    2014-04-22 14:55
Hefei Opens Its First Europe-bound Flight Route    2014-04-02 14:31
Daily Hefei to Guangzhou high-speed train schedule to launch next month    2014-03-27 15:18
Direct Flight from Hefei to Xishuangbanna to be Launched    2014-03-25 10:22
Joy Air Issues New Flight Schedules    2013-12-19 14:33
Eastern Airlines to launch Taiyuan-Hefei-Sanya air route    2013-11-06 15:59
Flight Tickets on Sale    2013-10-21 16:05
Flight to Huangshan to Open for Only 90 Yuan    2013-09-03 10:33
More flights from Hefei to Kaohsiung of Taiwan    2013-09-02 10:48
High-Speed Trains Slash Travel Time    2013-05-29 15:57
Nanjing-Anqing Intercity Railway to Operate Next December at Soonest    2013-05-07 14:50
Xinqiao Airport to Operate    2013-05-06 14:59
Hefei Xinqiao Airport Opens on May 30    2013-04-28 11:00
Xinqiao Airport to Launch Flights to Germany, USA    2013-04-01 14:50
8 Flight Routes to be Added During Summer and Fall    2013-03-28 15:02
CSA to Add 5 Flight Routes in Anhui    2013-03-20 15:26
Shandong Airlines Adds 2 Air Routes    2013-03-08 11:12
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Non-stop Flight Links Hefei, Singapore
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