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Public likely to receive vaccines in February    21-01-14 09:09
Anhui hailed for blood donations    21-01-11 10:35
Beijing tightens taxi, ride-hailing rules for COVID-19 control    21-01-11 10:31
COVID-19 vaccines free for residents, health official says    21-01-11 08:51
As key groups get COVID-19 inoculation, more wonder when it will be their turn    21-01-06 15:12
China advises against travel, big gatherings during Spring Festival    21-01-06 10:19
Vaccine firms go full steam ahead to meet demand    21-01-05 11:45
Pandemic gives TCM global role    21-01-05 10:52
Over 73,000 get COVID-19 vaccines since Beijing begins inoculation    21-01-04 08:49
China approves self-developed COVID-19 vaccine    20-12-31 12:50
China adds 119 drugs to medicare reimbursement list    20-12-29 08:37
Anhui starts its emergency vaccination project amid sporadic local cases in China    20-12-28 08:53
COVID-19 virus reported for first time on locally-produced food in E China    20-12-18 09:11
Authorities investigate fake hospital insurance claims    20-12-17 10:42
Chinese doctors treat over 2,000 people in South Sudan    20-12-16 09:08
China's health authorities urge universal health code recognition    20-12-11 15:53
Guard against cold chain food infections    20-12-10 15:01
Hefei requires real name for imported cold-chain purchases    20-12-10 08:52
(Anhui's achievements in the 13th Five-Year Plan period) 99% residents in Anhui covered by basic medical insurance    20-12-07 10:42
Chinese COVID vaccine has 'appeal' for developing countries: Economist    20-12-03 08:54
More HIV infections found among elderly    20-12-02 08:56
China increases efforts to block COVID-19 through imported foods    20-11-17 08:47
China-developed COVID-19 vaccine to enter late-stage trial in Uzbekistan    20-11-16 15:35
Anhui enters ‘wartime mode’ after one new COVID-19 case related to Shanghai    20-11-12 08:01
Anhui reports COVID-19 case related to Shanghai    20-11-11 08:51
China's Xinjiang reports 137 asymptomatic COVID-19 cases    20-10-26 09:02
60,000 volunteers receive Chinese COVID-19 vaccines in phase-3 trials    20-10-21 14:53
China to expand cross-provincial settlement of medical expenses    20-10-09 14:40
Medical work plan released for flu season    20-09-30 08:41
Anhui Medical Team Assist South Sudan    20-09-09 09:03
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Huangshan among top five Chinese cities with good air quality in 2020
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