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WHO declares monkeypox outbreak int'l public health emergency    22-07-25 09:53
China's Anhui strives to ensure daily supplies amid COVID-19 resurgence    22-07-19 08:31
Bengbu in Anhui starts new round of mass nucleic acid testing    22-07-18 09:36
Across China: Delivering daily supplies amid Anhui's virus resurgence    22-07-12 08:40
Sixian found 0 new cases for 3 days    22-07-11 11:26
Vaccination to be required for public venues    22-07-08 09:26
College students, civil servants assist anti-epidemic fight    22-07-08 08:49
Number of new community COVID-19 cases drops to single digit in China's Sixian    22-07-07 10:25
Food delivery riders help ensure supplies to residents in China's Sixian    22-07-07 08:39
China Focus: China's Anhui ensures daily supplies amid latest COVID-19 resurgence    22-07-06 08:46
Anhui city schedules mass testing to curb latest outbreak    22-07-05 09:23
Anhui tackles new outbreak of COVID-19    22-07-04 08:52
Testing arranged as Anhui, Jiangsu report new cases    22-06-30 09:48
COVID quarantine times, risk designation adjusted    22-06-29 09:43
Anhui's first MRI approved for marketing    22-06-24 12:51
Frequency of mass tests pulled back, quarantine time reduced    22-06-21 10:38
Smart health care hut offers residents great convenience in east China    22-06-17 10:00
Patient companions rise to support lonely hospital-goers    22-06-15 10:56
Mission completed: 691 medics return to east China's Anhui from Shanghai    22-05-25 09:27
Cities take on Omicron with ramped-up testing    22-05-19 09:41
China's Anhui sees foreign trade up 11.8 pct in Jan.-April    22-05-16 09:55
Health, wealth no zero-sum game in China's COVID battle    22-05-13 10:32
Greater supervision urged for beauty sector    22-05-09 14:56
Experts: Anti-COVID strategy works    22-05-07 08:31
Trials of Omicron vaccine underway    22-05-06 10:57
Vaccines against Omicron approved for clinical trials    22-04-27 09:01
Drill helps city handle epidemic realities    22-04-21 14:47
City in Anhui tightens epidemic control measures    22-04-19 08:34
China temporarily includes COVID-19 antigen tests in medical insurance    22-03-22 10:39
Made-in-Anhui TCM drug recommended for treating COVID-19    22-03-22 10:26
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