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Chinese embassy issues alert to citizens over pneumonia outbreak in Kazakhstan    20-07-10 10:37
Home-developed breast cancer drug first prescribed in China    20-07-03 08:15
Anhui lowers prices of nucleic acid testing    20-07-02 15:16
China greenlights new COVID-19 vaccine candidate for human trials    20-06-28 09:08
China launches human trials for new COVID-19 vaccine    20-06-24 16:40
Anhui,Zhejiang and Jiangsu to realize trans-provincial medical outpatient settlement    20-06-23 09:31
Project of Anhui hospital affiliated to Children’s hospital of Fudan University was approved    20-06-18 15:26
Salmon called unlikely virus source    20-06-16 08:45
Experts answer key questions about COVID-19    20-06-15 09:24
New inhibitor effective to treat blood cancer: study    20-06-15 09:20
Vice premier stresses curbing spread of COVID-19 in Beijing    20-06-15 09:09
Leading group urges vigilance on outbreak    20-06-05 16:27
Domestic coronavirus vaccines perform well in clinical trials    20-06-01 09:09
Gene-modified TB diagnosing drug gets market approval in China    20-05-13 09:07
China's Anhui province shares experiences with sister state Maryland on battling COVID-19    20-05-11 08:48
Three vaccines enter 2nd phase of trials in China    20-04-28 08:36
Expert: Summer unlikely to see drop in COVID-19 cases    20-04-28 09:02
No evidence suggests people with COVID-19 antibodies protected from secondary infection: WHO    20-04-26 09:53
China Endeavors to Improve COVID-19 Testing Capability, Promote Work Resumption    20-04-17 09:12
TCM Drugs Approved to Treat Virus    20-04-16 14:42
China's Experience on Battling COVID-19 Broadcast by Pakistani TV    20-04-14 09:02
Medics Finish 14-day Quarantine after Return from Hubei to Anhui    20-04-02 10:09
Anhui's Medics Return Home from Wuhan    20-04-01 10:06
China Researchers Develop COVID-19 Virus-fighting Material    20-04-01 08:57
1,541 Asymptomatic Infections under Medical Observation in China    20-04-01 08:50
China to Strengthen Prevention, Control of Asymptomatic COVID-19 Infections    20-03-31 09:06
Two Medical Experts Aiding Iran Return to Anhui    20-03-30 11:21
Yangtze River Delta Tightens Quarantine Control for Border Entries    20-03-30 09:36
Anhui Shares COVID-19 Treatment Experience with Lower Silesia of Poland    20-03-26 11:41
China Sends Third Group of Medical Experts to Italy    20-03-26 09:17
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Freight train departing from Central Asia arrives in China’s Hefei
Anhui's largest smart greenhouse to be completed
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(AmazingAnhui)She inkstone, a national cultural heritage in E China's Anhui
(AmazingAnhui)Huizhou inkstick, a cultural heritage in E China's Anhui
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Poor farmer in East China's Anhui becomes poultry expert
Datong barbers are a cut above competition
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Rustic charm creates tourism boom for farmers
Centuries-old bridge collapses in Huangshan
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