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The first clinical trial of proton therapy system in China

Pub Date:22-01-06 16:59 Source:www.ahnews.com

On the afternoon of December 30, 2021, the remarkable Hefei Ion Medical Center conducted the first clinical trial of the proton therapy system. The center's medical and physical teams worked closely to give the first proton radiotherapy to a 66-year-old chordoma patient. It marks the formal entry of Hefei Ion Medical Center into the clinical trial stage.

According to a worker of the Hefei Ion Medical Center, as the first domestic radiotherapy center which introduced Varian proton therapy system, having work teams overcoming the outbreak, completing the precision of system debugging, performing rigorous screening to choose patients into the group, Hefei Ion Medical Cente has been carrying out clinical trials of the proton therapy system to provide tumor radiation therapy for cancer patients.

The worker said that the "Varian ProBeam Proton Therapy Device China Clinical Trial (Hefei)" is jointly undertaken by Anhui Provincial Hospital and the Cancer Hospital affiliated to Shandong First Medical University. Anhui Provincial Hospital is the team leader, and the major investigator is Hongyan Zhang. The total sample size of the clinical trial is 47, and 28 subjects are planned to be enrolled. Before the first clinical trial, the center held the first patient introduction seminar, in which professor Xiaoming Lu, an internationally renowned medical physics expert, and Hongyan Zhang, director of Anhui Provincial Hospital, introduced the patient's condition and radiotherapy plan respectively.

The First Clinical Trial officially began at 2 p.m.The patient had a local recurrence 2 years after resection of the sacrococcygeal chordoma, and the lesions were close to normal tissues such as rectum, bladder, pelvis, etc., considered that there would be too much damage after surgical treatment again,the proton radiotherapy was taken to protect the function of normal tissues and reduce the toxic reactions caused by radiotherapy. The hospital's technical team accurately shoots the proton beam accelerated by the superconducting cyclotron into the lesion through high-precision positioning, just like a "sniper gun" to accurately attack the tumor tissue.

“Before you know it, the treatment is done.”The patient told the reporter that the treatment process was painless, and after completion, he could get out of bed and walk by himself. "I didn't expect such an advanced therapy!"

Editor:Xinyu Jiang

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