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China issues guideline on developing civilized cyberspace

Pub Date:2021-09-15 08:31 Source:Xinhua

The Communist Party of China Central Committee and the State Council have jointly issued a guideline on developing a more civilized and well-regulated cyberspace environment.

The country aims to consolidate the guiding status of Marxism in the ideological cyberspace sphere, foster a common ideology among the whole Party and the Chinese people, and interiorize core socialist values, said the guideline made public Tuesday.

It expected Chinese people to enjoy a healthy and colorful cultural life in cyberspace, show higher ethical standards, and behave well in the sphere, particularly underage internet users.

Online platform operators and the industry will effectively fulfill their duties of self-discipline while cyberspace will be governed under the law, which will crack down on and prevent online crimes, said the guideline.

Efforts will be made to enhance ideological work and cultural development in cyberspace, as well as raising ethical standards among internet users, the guideline said.

Online behaviors should be well regulated, while ethics and codes of conduct in cyberspace must be line with core socialist values.

The government, schools, families and society will work together to educate minors so that they can use the internet properly and be well prepared for online risks.

The authorities will step up its crackdown on and prevention of online bullying among the underage and better protect their rights and interests, according to the guideline.

The country plans to better regulate the production, publication and distribution of online content, classify the management of online accounts and build a national mechanism to stop and prevent disinformation.

Campaigns will be launched to fight online crimes, and efforts will be made to protect personal information and data security.

The guideline urged efforts from localities and relevant departments, encouraged public participation and promised policy and fund support, while encouraging the private sector to make financial and material contributions in the building of civilized and well-regulated cyberspace environment. Enditem


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