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Chu culture museum opens in Anhui

Pub Date:2022-01-14 10:32 Source:www.cnanhui.org


Anhui Chu Culture Museum opens on a trial basis in Shouxian county, east China’s Anhui province, on January 13, 2022. (Photo by Li Bo & Zhao Yang/Anhui Daily)

A museum featuring the culture of Chu kingdom in the Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC) opened on a trial basis in Shouxian county, east China’s Anhui province, on Thursday, according to Anhui Daily.

Dubbed the ‘underground museum’, Shouxian has a long history of over 2,000 years. It was one of the capitals of the Chu kingdom. Since the beginning of the 20th century, many Chu tombs have been discovered in the county, with a large number of cultural relics unearthed.

Shouxian Museum, established in 1958, is one of the earliest museums in the province.

The county started building a new site of the museum, also known as the Anhui Chu Culture Museum, in 2018. It is scheduled to open officially before May 1.

The architectural design of the museum combines elements of the ancient county with those of modern courtyards and minimalism.

The museum will showcase more than 1,600 items, half of which will be their public debut.


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