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Dreams empower disabled man to start new life and help others

Pub Date:2021-01-04 10:39 Source:Ecns.cn

Xue Kuang, who is less than three feet tall, is the head of Qimeng Disabled Art Troupe in Anhui Province.

Xue suffers from achondroplasia and he could not go to school like other people of his age.

His interests in music led him to conquer many instruments at a special education school since the age of 10. 

His troupe has 45 members, 13 of whom are physically disabled, and 12 deaf. 

"I love music. When I started my business in my hometown, I noticed there were some talented disabled people but no organization for them to join. I developed this art troupe to provide them a stage. They can earn a regular income by performing. That's my initial goal," he said.

Large-scale performances offer them more opportunities to gain recognition.

Although performers cannot hear the praise, they can see. This helps change their perspective and they overcame inferiority complex. It boosts confidence. 

Besides the art troupe, Xue has also opened a machinery parts factory and other business.

His business offers job opportunities for more than 40 disabled people.

He is leading them to live a better life.


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