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Anhui's 16 cities' 2022 GDP data releases, Hefei ranks first, Chuzhou leads in growth rate

Pub Date:2023-02-07 16:26 Source:cnanhui.org

Recently, the 2022 GDP data of 16 cities in Anhui Province has been released one after another. Hefei, Wuhu, and Chuzhou are still in the top three.

In terms of economic growth rate, Chuzhou City leads the province with 5.5%, Chizhou and Maanshan rank second and third with 5.4% and 4.6% respectively. Among the 16 cities, the growth rates of ten cities are faster than or equal to Anhui's GDP growth rate (3.5%).

Compared with the previous year, the rankings of Bozhou and Bengbu were reversed, and Bozhou rose to the eighth place.

Although the ranking dropped by one place, Bengbu's economic growth rate turned from negative to positive in 2022. It is worth noting that many indicators of Bengbu's designated industries rank among the top in the province. From January to November 2022, Bengbu added 126 industrial enterprises above the designated size, and 200 high-tech enterprises; the industrial profit above designated size increased by 43%, ranking first in the province; the industrial output value above designated size, financial revenue, electricity consumption, and gas consumption increased by 17.0%, 18.6%, 13.3% and 30.6% respectively, ranking among the top in the province.

2022 GDP data of 16 cities in Anhui:

Hefei 12013.1 3.5%

Wuhu 4502.13 4.1%

Chuzhou 3610 5.5%

Fuyang 3233.3 3.9%

Anqing 2767.46 2.9%

Maanshan 2520.96 4.6%

Suzhou 2224.6 3.9%

Bozhou 2101.5 4.2%

Bengbu 2012.3 2%

Lu'an 2004.6 4.2%

Xuancheng 1914.4 4.2%

Huainan 1541.1 2%

Huaibei 1302.8 0.2%

Tongling 1209.9 2.9%

Chizhou 1078.5 5.4%

Huangshan 1002.3 0.6%

Reported byLiang Wei, Chang Cheng

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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