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The first switch station equipped with Quantum +5G completed in Wuhu

Pub Date:2022-05-13 09:13 Source:www.ahnews.com

On May 9th, Tongfengli Switch Station, the first power distribution automation switch station designed with the mode of "Quantum +5G", was completed and put into operation in Wuhu. 

Tongfengli Switch Station, jointly built by Wuhu Branch of Anhui Mobile Group and Wuhu Branch of State Grid, is equipped with quantum encryption terminal, quantum encryption gateway and quantum security service platform.

It has configured the quantum cloud data center security encryption system, combined with quantum technology and 5G communication technology, to build a large capacity, high speed, low delay quantum encryption security tunnel between the main station and switch station of distribution automation, ensuring the safety and quality of data transmission.

The "Quantum +5G" communication technology is both economical and safe. Compared with distribution automation equipment based on traditional optical fiber communication technology, the construction cost of "Quantum +5G" communication technology is reduced by 33%, operation and maintenance cost are reduced by 90%, optical fiber construction cost is reduced by 50%, and operation and maintenance cost are only one twentieth of that of traditional optical fiber.

Editor:Xinyu Jiang

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