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13 Travel Routes to Enjoy Spring in Anhui

Pub Date:18-03-27 15:40 Source:www.cnanhui.org

For tourists interested in exploring east China’s Anhui province in spring, Anhui Provincial Commission of Tourism Development issued 13 routes at a news conference held on Monday in the provincial capital Hefei.

Route 1: Xiangshuijian River - Taohuatan Pond- Taiping Lake - Xin’an River ( involving cities of Huangshan, Xuancheng and Wuhu)

Route 2: Dabie Mountain - Tiantangzhai Mountain- Zhangjiadian Battle Memorial Hall- Wanfo Lake (involving city of Lu’an)

Route 3: Sanhe ancient town - Debie Mountain Azalea Garden - Tianzhu Mountain - Wangjiang Flower Field (involving cities of Hefei and Anqing)

Route 4: Linhuan ancient city - Yinmaquan Manor in Xiaoxian county - Pear Garden in Dangshan county (involving cities of Suzhou and Huaibei)

Route 5: Fenghuang Mountain- Xinhua village - Jiuhua Mountain (involving Chizhou and Tongling cities)

Route 6: Huangshan Mountain - To Journey RV Park - Guocun village - Wuxi Valley - Hongcun village - Qishu Lake - Xidi village (involving Huangshan city)

Route 7: Bali River scenic spot - Shouxian ancient city - Hequan Farm - Xiaogang village - Huangzangyu Mountain (involving cities of Fuyang, Huainan, Bengbu, Chuzhou and Suzhou)

Route 8: Bagong Mountain - Zhuangzi Temple -Tianjing Temple - Daodezhong Temple- Gujing Alcoholic Culture Exposition Park(involving cities of Bozhou and Huainan)

Route 9: Caihong Waterfall- Dushan Mountain - Huoshan Grand Valley - Tongcheng Six-Feet Lane (involving cities of Anqing and Lu’an)

Route 10: Jingting Mountain - Taiping Lake - Qiyun Mountain- Qihong Tea Culture Exposition Park (involving cities of Huangshan and Xuancheng)

Route 11: Wanda Amusement Park - Bantang Tulip Highlands - Bantang Yuquan Hot Spring Resort(involving cities of Hefei and Chaohu)

Route 12: Yongquan Farm - Marenqifeng Forest Tourist Area - Fantawild Oriental Heritage - Xiangquan Spring (involving Wuhu, Tongling and Ma’anshan cities)

Route 13: Tunxi Hu Kaiwen Ink Factory - Xuan Paper Park- Zhangsu Chinese Writing Brush Factory - Shexian County Museum - Huizhou ancient city (involving cities of Xuancheng and Huangshan )


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