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Science and Technology Department

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Major Responsibilities:

1. To study and put forward the strategies and guidelines for the Provincial science and technology development, to study and determine the major layout of the Provincial science and technology development and the fields of science and technology that enjoy priority, to study and organize the implementation of key issues relating to the promotion of economic and social development by science and technology, to coordinate scientific and technological advancement of the whole society; to organize and implement the strategy of strengthening Anhui through science and education, and direct the work of strengthening cities and counties through science and technology in the province.

2. To organize the scientific and technological innovation all over the province, to accelerate the technological innovation of scientific and technological enterprises of small and medium scale, to promote the establishment of scientific and technological innovation system of the province, to be responsible for the transfer of new and high-tech achievements and for the arrangement and utilization of the special funds for the technological innovation of scientific and technological enterprises of small and medium scale.

3. To take charge of law enforcement in science and technology within the province, to study and propose suggestions on the policies and regulations concerning sci-tech system reform, sci-tech talents, sci-tech innovation, sci-tech progress, sci-tech intermediary service, sci-tech awarding, the transfer of sci-tech achievements and industrial application of new and high technology.

4. To be responsible for drawing up the mid-and long-term plan and annual plan for the science and technology development of the province; to be responsible for the scientific and technological development plans of Torch Program, Spark Program and plans of expansion of achievements, be responsible for such research development plans as key technologies development plan and soft science, and be responsible for the formulation of the plan of international scientific and technological cooperation and organize its implementation.

5. To study, draft and organize the implementation of program and plan of developing high technology and effect industrialization, to administrate new and high-tech development zones and industrial bases, to conduct attestation with relevant departments over new and high-tech enterprises, products, achievements and projects of applying new and high-tech results to production, to organize and implement the sci-tech innovation projects.

6. To formulate the measures for increasing input in science and technology in multiple channels; to optimize the allocation of scientific and technological resources; to be responsible for the budget and final account of related funds such as local scientific undertaking funds, scientific and technological funds of ¡°three items¡± and special scientific and technological funds; to be responsible for the administration of state-owned assets of science research institutions; to be responsible for key laboratories, pilot bases, engineering technology research centers, Spark Technology-Intensive Zones, pilot zones for the effective and sustainable agricultural development, and be responsible for the capital construction of scientific and technological system, and the administration of scientific and technological conditions.

7. To administrate scientific and technological achievements, scientific and technological awarding, the maintaining of scientific and technological secrets, technology markets, the appraisement of technology contract, technology import, and the work of secrecy-maintaining, examination and verification; to administrate the protection of intellectual property rights related to science and technology; to direct sci-tech intermediary service and the accreditation of sci-tech intermediary service institutions, to accelerate the development of sci-tech service system.

8. To administer the Provincial work of foreign affairs related to science and technology. According to relevant regulations, examine, verify and approve the issues of going abroad for the purpose of scientific and technological investigation in Anhui Province, the issues of participating in international scientific and technological organizations, and the issues of inviting foreigners to come to China for scientific and technological exchange and cooperation; to examine the scientific and technological exchange and cooperation with Hongkong and Macao Special Administrative Regions and Taiwan region; to assist relevant departments in organizing technological export and technological import, digestion, absorption and innovation; to study and examine with relevant departments the import and export rights of scientific and technological products of scientific research institutions.

9. To administrate the work of civil science and technology in the province; to administrate the work of science and technology information; to be responsible for the work of science and technology publicity, science and technology statistics and making science more popular.

10. To direct and coordinate the administration work of science and technology in various places and departments all over the province; to examine and verify the establishment and adjustment of natural science research institutions.

11. To undertake other matters and other tasks assigned by the Provincial Government.

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