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Young e-commerce entrepreneurs in E China’s Anhui province help local fruit growers sell products

Pub Date:2021-08-30 08:40 Source:People's Daily Online

Two female entrepreneurs in Dangshan county, east China's Anhui province, who started an e-commerce business from scratch last year in the hope of advertising pears grown in their families’ orchards, ended up selling over half a million kilograms of various kinds of local fruits, helping more fruit growers to get their products to market.

Hu Lili, one of the entrepreneurs, first came up with the plan for selling pears, a local specialty, during the harvest season for the fruit last summer, with the idea of seeing her family’s pears quickly sold out having been a dream of hers since childhood. The idea also coincided with that of her bestie, Zheng Xueqin, the pair having decided to quit their jobs and return home without any hesitation after revealing their plans to one another.

The first sales channel that popped up in their minds was e-commerce platforms. With rich experience in making short videos, they started to advertise pears in live-streaming sessions on a short video platform, which not only enabled them to sell their families’ pears, but also helped boost the sales of other local pear growers.

They then went on promoting more local fruits online, such as watermelons and peaches. “We want to help more growers sell their fresh and high-quality fruits via live-streaming sessions,” Hu said.

During the peak harvest season for fruits, they usually started their day as early as 5 or 6 a.m. To let fruit growers earn more, they purchased fruits from the growers at a price higher than the market value, which was recognized by fruit growers.

“Despite some difficulties, we feel optimistic about the future. Fully confident in the quality of the fruits, and we are sure that they will sell well,” said Hu.


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