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Anhui's 6th highway-railway bridge crossing Yangtze River starts construction

Pub Date:2022-12-26 15:53 Source:Wuhu Daily, cnanhui.org

The main part of the sixth cross-river highway-railway bridge on the Wanjiang section (Wanjiang River refers to the parts of Yangtze River flowing through Anhui Province) of the Yangtze River is about to start construction, with a total investment of about 5.27 billion yuan.

CCCCSHEC Fourth Engineering Company, a central enterprise stationed in Wuhu, won the bid to build the main bridge on the Zongyang side of Tongling City.

The bridge connects the Zongyang County of Tongling City and the Guichi District of Chizhou City. It is a comprehensive transportation project that combines "highway + intercity railway + urban rail transit" to cross the river. It is about 24 kilometers from the Chizhou Yangtze River Highway Bridge upstream, and about 20 kilometers from the Tongling Yangtze River Highway Bridge downstream.

The upper deck of the bridge is designed as a two-way 6-lane expressway with a speed limit of 100 kilometers per hour, carrying the S40 Ningzong (Ningguo to Zongyang) Expressway; The lower layer is designed as a 4-line railway, which is a two-line Hechi (Hefei to Chizhou) intercity railway with a speed limit of 250 kilometers per hour and a two-line reserved rail transit with a speed limit of 160 kilometers per hour.

The bridge is the sixth cross-river highway-railway bridge on the 800-li Wanjiang section of the Yangtze River, following the Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge, Tongling Yangtze River Highway-Railway Bridge, Wuhu Yangtze River Third Bridge, Maanshan Yangtze River Highway-Railway Bridge under construction and G3 Tongling Yangtze River Highway-Railway Bridge under construction.

After completing the bridge, it will promote the integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta in Wuhu, Chizhou, Tongling, and other places, undertake the industrial transfer in the YRD, and improve the river-crossing channel and the expressway network in Anhui.

Reported by Wang Hao

Translated by Zheng Chen


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