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Report says China offers example on human rights

Pub Date:2022-12-06 15:29 Source:China Daily

China's ideas, measures and practices in respecting and protecting human rights can offer inspiration for the rest of the world, especially for developing countries, according to a report on China's human rights development released on Monday.

Jointly released by the China Foundation for Human Rights Development and the New China Research under Xinhua News Agency, the "For a Life of Contentment — The Rationale for China's Human Rights Development" report said China's outlook on human rights has been continuously enriched and improved in practice, with its own perspectives and ideological connotations, based on the actual conditions of the country.

The Human Deve­lopment Index, an indicator used by the United Nations Development Program, showed China had risen from a score of 0.499 in 1990 to 0.761 in 2019, lifting the nation into the tier of countries with high human development. The HDI score takes into account a wide variety of indicators such as life expectancy, education levels and quality of life.

The report attributed China's progress to the its down-to-earth and development-oriented approach, as well as an emphasis on legal guidance and open-mindedness in respecting and protecting human rights.

Developing countries account for more than 80 percent of the world's population, and most face challenges similar to China, the report said, and China's "explorations and experiences" are of great value as references for other developing nations.

Countries should base their efforts on equality and mutual respect, actively engage in human rights dialogues and cooperation, expand consensus while bridging differences, and learn from each other and pursue common progress, it added.

The Communist Party of China is an active promoter and staunch defender of human rights, and has always included respecting and protecting human rights as a key part of national governance, the report said.

The report pointed out that after more than 30 years of fighting poverty, China had lifted over 770 million rural poor out of poverty by the end of 2020, removing the "biggest obstacle to human rights" for 1.4 billion people.

While advancing human rights at home, China has also actively fulfilled its responsibilities as a major country, thus continuously promoting global human rights governance and effectively promoting international human rights development and progress, it said.

Editor:Li Ruichuan

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