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Smart satellite production line now operational in central China

Pub Date:2021-01-19 15:15 Source:Xinhua

A smart production line capable of producing 240 small satellites per year has been put into operation in the central Chinese city of Wuhan, according to its owner, a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Limited.

Liu Feng, one of the project's designers, said the new line can improve average manufacturing efficiency by more than 40 percent, as it enables many key satellite production steps to be carried out by machines rather than manual labor.

The line was built in a satellite industrial park in Wuhan's national aerospace industrial base in Hubei Province. Once completed, the 28.4-hectare industrial park will be used for the research and development of space products, including satellite internet and micro craft, and will provide support for space monitoring, data processing and operations. 

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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