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Fill your spring scenery collection in Anhui

Pub Date:23-03-27 17:29 Source:Anhui Daily, cnanhui.org

Spring's mood is leisurely, a hint of ease;

Anhui in springtime, cool and lovely to please!

Whatever style of spring scenery you are looking for - gentle, bright, or elegant - you may well find them in Anhui.

Follow the lens and immerse yourself in the beauty of this new spring!


Tourists enjoyed their day in the vast peach blossom garden in Wuma Town, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City on March 25th. The 11th Wuma Peach Blossom Festival kicked off here on this day. (Photo by Zhang Yanlin)


A group of retirees from Huainan perform dragon dancing as a way of physical exercise in the beautiful rapeseed fields of Daquan Village, Shouxian County, Huainan City on March 20. (Photo by Chen Bin)


Photo taken on March 25 shows that the pear orchard in the Flower Sea Area of the Fuli West Mountain in Suzhou City is now in full bloom. The pears, known for containing rich selenium, have attracted tourists from all over the country. (Photo by Ding Hui)


On March 24, tourists came to see tulips in the scenic area of Ban Tang in Chaohu City where over one million tulips have bloomed recently. (Photo by Ma Fengcheng)


In Lishuwang Scenic Area in Dangshan County, a whip dragon show, which uses decorated whips to perform the dance of colorful "dragons", attracted many tourists on March 25. As an important part of the local rural revitalization project, the county has been vigorously developing sightseeing agriculture, rural tourism, and countryside complexes relying on its fruit forest resources in recent years. (Photo by Cui Meng)


Photo taken on March 24 shows that fields on a bar in the Yangtze River in Laozhou Village, Tongling City, looked like a color palette of the earth consisting of yellow rapeseed flowers and green wheat. (Photo by Guo Shinin)


Cherry blossoms in the Tea Expo Park in Huangshan City are in full bloom these days. The pink flowers and tender green tea leaves complement each other, constituting an enchanting spring scenery. (Photo by Xu Ming)


Photo of Mount Qiyun taken on March 25th shows peaks rising one higher than another like sea waves and green forests covering colorful granite cliffs like emeralds. (Photo by Guo Ruyi)


Photo taken on March 26th shows the beautiful landscape of a CRH high-speed train running through a sea of flowers in Jin'an District, Lu'an City. (Photo by Jiang Changhong)

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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