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Anhui Overseas Chinese Science and Technology Innovation Exchange Event Held in Hefei

Pub Date:2024-07-10 11:08 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On the morning of July 9, the 2024 "Gathering in the Yangtze River Delta · Overseas Chinese from Anhui Gathering for Sci-Tech Innovation" event, initiated jointly by three provinces and one city in the Yangtze River Delta, kicked off in Hefei.

Relevant leaders introduced the economic and social development of Anhui and pointed out that Anhui is currently in a promising and critical period with broad prospects. They expressed hope that overseas Chinese can seize the opportunity and fully leverage their strong sci-tech capabilities, rich intellectual resources, and extensive business connections. By actively participating in the integration and modernization development of the Yangtze River Delta and the construction of a beautiful Anhui, they can realize personal value and write a glorious chapter in their careers. Innovation is a bright card of Anhui, and everyone is encouraged to grasp the forefront trends in technological innovation, showcase their abilities and strengths, and contribute to making the Yangtze River Delta a source of sci-tech innovation. They should play the role of bridges and ties, tell the stories of China, the Yangtze River Delta, and Anhui well, promote exchanges and mutual learning between Chinese and foreign civilizations, and gather the hearts, wisdom, and strength of overseas Chinese in jointly promoting the Yangtze River Delta to take the lead in Chinese path to modernization.

At the event, five academicians and experts delivered keynote speeches, 56 key high-tech industry projects were signed, and special events such as the Anhui Sci-Tech Overseas Chinese Enterprises Exhibition, "Invest in Anhui," "Anhui Enterprises Goes Global" promotions and the Yangtze River Delta "Sci-Tech Overseas Chinese Discussion" will also be launched. Nearly 300 overseas Chinese from home and abroad participated.

Source: Anhui Daily

Editor:Zheng Chen

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