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'The Fragrance of Chinese Tea' - Overseas Media Collaboration Draws Widespread Praise from International Netizens

Pub Date:24-05-22 16:25 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Tea originated in China and is one of the three major beverages in the world. Four of China's top ten famous teas are produced in Anhui: the world-renowned Huangshan Maofeng, the Taiping Houkui which won gold at the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, the Keemun Black Tea popular in Europe, and the unique Lu'an Melon Seed tea.Besides these, Anhui also offers various niche tea varieties such as Zhupu Dafang, Green Peony, Shitai Wuliqing, and Yuexi Cuilan.

China has a long history of tea production. In the Eastern Han Dynasty, the famous physician Hua Tuo from Bozhou, Anhui, wrote in his "Food Discourse" that "bitter tea, consumed over a long period, benefits one's thoughts." After the Sui and Tang Dynasties, tea had become an important commodity in Anhui. By 1368, the commodity tea from Huizhou Prefecture exceeded 3,500 tons, with the province's total tea production being several times that amount. In the early Qing Dynasty, Tunxi Green Tea began to be exported in large quantities, and after the introduction of Keemun Black Tea in the late Qing Dynasty, it became famous both domestically and internationally.

On May 21, 2024, during the fifth International Tea Day, the Anhui International Communication Center's official accounts "MarvelousAnhui" and the specialized account "Let's Have Tea" launched the "The Fragrance of Chinese Tea" nationwide overseas media collaboration activity on major overseas social media platforms like X and Facebook. They invited official accounts from provincial and municipal international communication institutions to participate, showcasing high-quality famous teas from various regions on overseas platforms, promoting China's long history and rich tea culture nationwide.

This overseas media collaboration activity covered over 200,000 international netizens. The collaborative posters received interactions and reposts from nearly fifty diplomats, including Xue Jian, the Chinese Consul General in Osaka, Zhang Heqing, the Cultural Counselor in Pakistan, as well as overseas influencers and international friends. This sparked a heated discussion about Chinese tea culture in the international community.


Official accounts of international communication centers in multiple provinces and cities such as iChongqing and HolaFujian post collaborative event posters on overseas media platforms

Chinese Consul General in Osaka Xue Jian and multiple other prominent Chinese and international influencers interacted with and reposted the content

CGTN anchor Zhang Shanhui liked the post

In his letter to the first "International Tea Day," Chinese President Xi Jinping noted that tea originated in China and is popular worldwide. The establishment of "International Tea Day" by the United Nations reflects the international community's recognition and appreciation of the value of tea. It is significant for revitalizing the tea industry and promoting tea culture. As a major tea producer and consumer, China is willing to work with all parties to promote the sustainable and healthy development of the global tea industry, deepen the integration and mutual learning of tea cultures, and help more people know, love, and enjoy tea together, sharing the fragrance and charm of tea and a beautiful life.

We also hope that you, who have read this, will join us in exploring the vast world of tea and experiencing the charm of Chinese tea culture together.

Event planner and author: Cheng Xuqi

Editor:Zheng Chen

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