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Our New Era - Protection and Renewal of Luyang Old Town

Pub Date:22-06-20 16:46 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Siwan Vegetable Market

Renovated Cuozaoshan Alley

Renovated Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street Night Market

Renovated Xiaoyaojin Park

In recent years, Luyang District, known as "the historical root and cultural center of Hefei", has continued to promote the protection and renewal of the old city, dig deep into its historical and cultural resources, improve its standards and functions, and enrich its context.

On the premise of maintaining the overall appearance of the old city, the Huaihe Road Pedestrian Street, renovated around the concept of "the main streets remain prosperous while the back streets keep comfortable", began to trial during China’s National Day holiday in 2021, bringing a new shopping experience to citizens. The renovated Xiaoyaojin Park now receives a peak of more than 180,000 daily tourists after taking on a new look that better manifests its cultural charm in 2021. Gongchen Street, Siwan Vegetable Market and other projects have also been completed, and 15 other special streets, such as Oudong·Tangxi and Qinlaoxiang, also took the stage in splender.

In the future, Luyang District will continue to promote the protection and renewal of the old city, transform the old blocks and repair the old buildings, in order to establish connections between traditional culture and modern life, building a more time-honored city at the highest standards.

Editor:Yating Du

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