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Chinese regions in typhoon's path make ready preparations

Pub Date:2021-07-27 16:07 Source:chinadaily.com.cn

After making a second landfall in East China's Zhejiang province on Monday, In-Fa, the sixth typhoon this year to affect China, reached Liyang in neighboring Jiangsu province on Tuesday morning.

It will keep moving northwest and arrive at Anhui province in the afternoon before reaching coastal Shandong province on Thursday, the National Meteorological Center said on Tuesday morning.

The typhoon will bring rainfall to Shanghai municipality, Jiangsu and Shandong provinces, as well as some parts of Anhui and Henan provinces in the subsequent three days, though it had moved away from Shanghai and Jiangsu, according to the center.

Affected by the typhoon, a total of 12 national rainfall observation stations from Shanghai and Zhejiang reported record rainfalls for July, mostly from Saturday to Monday.

As part of the precautionary measures, local authorities in Jiangsu have relocated 335,529 people, turned 19,091 vessels back to harbor, suspended the business of 7,802 companies and closed 479 scenic sites.

Anhui had designated more than 27,300 officials for flood prevention, while over 240,000 rescue workers had been ready for potential flooding relief by Monday, according to the provincial government.

Luo Junmei, a rural civil servant from Feixi county of Hefei, capital of Anhui, said on Tuesday she and her colleagues had received orders to stay in position and will not return home, if their homes are far away, to guarantee a quick response.

To make it more convenient for local residents to park their vehicles, the Hefei government decided to exempt residents from parking fees if they use the 14,000 lots on the sides of urban streets starting Tuesday, while Xuancheng city had made all of the city's above-ground parking lots free of charge starting Sunday.

Shandong required all local governments to be fully prepared.


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