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Spring Festival Flavor| A Bowl of Dumplings, A Year of Reunion

Pub Date:23-01-25 09:50 Source:cnanhui.org

Eating dumplings is a unique tradition of Chinese people during the Spring Festival. In many Han people's customs, the dumpling represent a significant food type that any delicacy can not replace.

Dumplings originated in the era of Zhang Zhongjing. Dumpling, also known as "Jiaozi" or "Jiao'er," means alternating from the old to the new. If you want to get rid of the past year's bad luck, you must eat dumplings on Chinese New Year's Eve. People from far away will return to their hometown to have a meal of dumplings with their families, in the meaning of safe reunion, expressing people's yearning and hopes for a better life.


As the old saying goes, "Major Cold, Minor Cold (Chinese solar terms), eat dumplings to celebrate the Chinese New Year." On the night of Chinese New Year's Eve in northern China, the most important activity is making dumplings with the whole family. Eating dumplings during the Spring Festival means good luck because the shape of the dumpling looks like a Yuanbao (ingot), so making dumplings also means gaining fortune and wealth for the coming New Year.

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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