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Spring Festival flavor| Chinese bacon

Pub Date:23-01-24 12:03 Source:cnanhui.org

The Spring Festival is always celebrated with a traditional delicacy——Chinese bacon. In most areas of China, the preparation of bacon for the Chinese New Year starts at the beginning of the 12th lunar month as it is an indispensable culinary delight for the family reunion dinner on Chinese New Year's Eve.

Although the raw materials of Chinese bacon are simple, the production procedures are pretty exquisite. The pork should first be salted and put in a ventilated place to dry for two or three days. After smoking, the bacon turns golden brown and gives a pleasant odor, which will usually be threaded on a rope and neatly hung in a ventilated place waiting to be enjoyed for the Spring Festival. Chinese bacon is known as the "all-matching king" for it can make dishes that look, smell, and taste good when combined with other food ingredients and even give them a unique flavor.


The Chinese bacon is not only a hometown dish for the Spring Festival, but also a member of the traditional Chinese cuisine family. It is not just a kind of food material, but represents a conventional practice in Chinese culture. To sum it up, Chinese bacon has a long history and is an integral part of Spring Festival culture.

Editor:Zheng Chen

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