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Spring Festival Flavor| Fold the New Spring in a Roll

Pub Date:23-01-22 09:42 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Spring rolls, also known as spring pancakes, are a traditional food popular during the Spring Festival in China. In southern China, people celebrate the Spring Festival by eating spring rolls instead of dumplings.


In addition to the meaning of welcoming the new spring, the spring roll got its name also because it often contains a large number of vegetables in season in spring and therefore has a high nutritional value. The common way to make spring rolls is to knead flour mixed with a little water and salt into dough sheets, and bake the dough sheets in a frying pan into round pancakes; then spread prepared filling, usually minced meat, seasonal vegetables, or lard, over the pancakes before folding them into a long roll and fry until golden brown.

Spring rolls evolved from ancient spring pancakes. According to an ancient book, "in spring, people eat spring pancakes withfresh vegetables, which are together called spring dishes." It’s clear that the custom of making and eating spring cakes in spring has a long history. In the meantime, there are many proverbs about spring rolls, such as “one roll does not make a spring, but thousandsof rollsmake thespring in the air”. It meansthat one householdmaking spring rolls does not mean spring has come, but when thousands of households all start to makespring rolls, you can be sure that spring has arrived.


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