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Talent village in Dabie Mountains shows how to change destinies

Pub Date:2020-10-28 08:27 Source:China Daily

A small village in the Dabie Mountains has become famous online for its excellent talent pool.

Nishui village, in Qianshan county, Anhui province, has produced 26 doctorates, and 34 master's and 334 bachelor's degree holders over the years, making it famous as a "talent village".

The achievements, especially for a village in the mountainous area, have much to do with the emphasis its 3,300 residents have laid on education.

Every household in Nishui village values children's education, with some parents overcoming economic hardships to ensure their kids get good education.

Some collectively owned enterprises have also helped poor families in the village to pay their children's tuitions for years, taking the load off the parents. And students who perform well in schools also receive bonuses.

The villagers regard education as an opportunity to change their destinies, allowing their children to escape the harsh life in the mountains, and they are proud of the students who do well academically.

The village has a culture of respecting teachers, who spare no efforts in teaching the students. The villagers regard teaching as a noble profession, so the best building in the village is the local primary school, and the collectively owned enterprises also help pay teachers' salaries.

All these measures help cultivate outstanding talents, they not only change their fates but also contribute to their families, the village and society as a whole.

Nishui village has set a good example of poverty alleviation through education, something that residents of other rural areas should emulate.

Many people argue that it is difficult for children from impoverished households to receive higher education because of the unbalanced education quality in various areas.

However, Nishui village residents have demonstrated that as long as people lay emphasis on education and all sectors of society join hands to help, it is possible for anyone to change his or her destiny.


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