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Chinese student with cerebral palsy aces college entrance exam

Pub Date:2020-07-29 08:49 Source:People's Daily Online

A student with cerebral palsy in east China’s Anhui province has inspired his peers by achieving outstanding results in his gaokao, the country’s college entrance exam.

Yao Junpeng, 19, was born with the disease, but never gave up on his studies. When he received his college entrance exam results, he found that he had scored 623 points, 108 higher than the enrollment cut-off point for key universities in China.

As the disease posed a huge physical challenge, he had to write very slowly. During high school, Yao was unable to complete his essays in the Chinese language exams, which was the most challenging issue for him, as students have to compose an essay in the gaokao.

This year, the high school and his parents submitted applications to the local examining authority for him to be allowed extra time during the exam, which was approved. The extra time was a great help to him, allowing him to complete the essay.

Yao was grateful to his parents and all his teachers, from primary school to high school, and wrote a thank-you message to them.

“It’s hard to imagine what great efforts must have been needed for a young man with cerebral palsy who cannot take care of himself to exceed himself,” said his head teacher, adding that Yao’s perseverance, hard work and optimism have inspired his classmates.

Many social medial users were moved by his story. “You have a bright future.” “We can well imagine what great efforts he has made.”

Yao hopes to be admitted to a university in Shanghai or Nanjing, which are both close to his hometown, so as to reduce the burden on his parents.


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