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China Focus: China, Indonesia industrial park cooperation yields win-win benefits

Pub Date:2023-09-12 09:04 Source:Xinhua

FUZHOU, Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- In a farm situated in the Pemalang district of Indonesia's Central Java province, prawn larvae have now reached the age of one and a half months. Once four months old, they will undergo processing and be shipped to Fuzhou, capital city of east China's Fujian Province, about 2,000 nautical miles away.

Seasoned prawn farmer Joni Setyawan is in charge of the farm. The 66-year-old has nearly four decades of experience in raising Vannamei prawns. Since 2021, he has been working with a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fujian MiaoTianHui Food Co., Ltd., focusing on prawn cultivation.

The farm in Pemalang district covers around 70,000 square meters. Prawns cultivated here undergo preliminary processing such as cleaning, peeling and frozen packaging at a local plant. Thereafter, vessels carrying these seafood products will embark on a journey of approximately 20 days before arriving at Fuzhou Port.

"The Vannamei prawns from Indonesia will go through further processing, such as mixing and pounding, and transformed into prawn paste and packaged for quick freezing," said Lin Zhengrong, general manager of Fujian MiaoTianHui Food Co., Ltd.

Known for its delectable and chewy texture, prawn paste is very popular in the Chinese catering market.

Fuqing Zhaohua Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. has also invested in Vannamei prawn farming in Indonesia, with their farm spanning a vast area of around 4 million square meters.

The company established the farm in Indonesia because of the country's warm and humid climate, abundant fisheries resources, short cultivation cycle, and relatively low labor costs. Back in China, the advanced cold chain logistics infrastructure, vast consumer market and mature seafood processing technology can further enhance the value of imported frozen prawn products.

Setting up fishery bases in Indonesia has not only increased local employment opportunities but also boosted the income of residents, said Chen Qing'an, the legal representative of the Indonesian subsidiary of Fujian MiaoTianHui Food Co., Ltd., noting that the subsidiary has employed more than 300 local workers.

"I had three prawn ponds, but now I oversee a total of 70 ponds of two farms. My monthly income has multiplied and is very stable," said Joni Setyawan, adding that he has supplied about 1,200 tonnes of Vannamei prawns to China over the past year and a half.

Fujian MiaoTianHui Food Co., Ltd. and Fuqing Zhaohua Aquatic Food Co., Ltd. are among dozens of food companies operating in Fujian's Yuanhong Investment Zone. The zone represents the Chinese part of the "Two Countries, Twin Parks" project jointly undertaken with Indonesia. The Indonesian part involves the Bintan Industrial Estate, the Aviarna Industrial Estate and the Badung Industrial Estate.

With the memorandum signed in January 2021, the "Two Countries, Twin Parks" project represents a solid step to synergize the China-proposed Belt and Road Initiative and Indonesia's vision of the Global Maritime Fulcrum. It also serves as an innovative approach to deepening bilateral economic and trade ties, bringing tangible benefits to businesses in both countries.

To date, the Chinese park has launched 27 investment projects with a total investment of 55.4 billion yuan (about 7.57 billion U.S. dollars) and 18 trade projects.

"The 'Two Countries, Twin Parks' project has benefited enterprises inside the industrial parks, offering more streamlined customs clearance services, saving us a significant amount of time," Lin said.

Editor:Zheng Chen

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