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Anhui: villagers busy picking broccoli

Pub Date:22-11-17 16:38 Source:Anhuinews.com, cnanhui.org

The villagers pick broccoli in the harvest season

In early winter, the broccoli planting base in Maji Village, Shenji Town, Wuhe County, Anhui Province, ushers in a bumper harvest. The villagers are busy picking, storing, and weighing in groups of three or four. Their busy figures and green vegetable fields form a beautiful picture of rural revitalization.

Since August this year, the base has introduced and planted more than 200 mu (about 13.33 hectares) of broccoli, adopting the planting mode of "base + cooperative + farmers." Now it has a good harvest, with an average yield of more than 3,000 jin (1,500 kilograms) per mu and an annual output value of more than 600,000 yuan in net income. A large number of local farmers have increased their income through work.

In recent years, to develop the village's collective economy, Shenji Town, Wuhe County, has accelerated the circulation of land and encouraged villagers to plant unique agricultural products to increase their income.

The villagers pick broccoli in the harvest season

The villagers pick broccoli in the harvest season

Editor:Zheng Chen

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