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Anhui to create ‘Sit on the Ground’ urban living rooms in batches

Pub Date:22-09-14 17:12 Source:anhuinews.com, cnanhui.org


A few days ago, the Anhui Provincial Civilization Office, the Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, and the Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism jointly issued a document to create the "Sit on the Ground" urban living room demonstration areas in Anhui province.

It is planned to build 3 to 5 demonstration areas in each city by the end of 2022 and 5 to 10 by 2023; strive to cover all key places by the end of the "14th Five-Year Plan".

The "Sit on the Ground" urban living room demonstration area focuses on park squares, scenic spots, transportation stations, cultural facilities, venues, commercial streets, and commercial complexes. The construction work will be based on the relevant requirements for establishing the national civilized cities and the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development's Standards for Clean, Neat, Orderly, and Safe City (Trial), to improve the quality of urban public space.

To create the "Sit on the Ground" urban living room demonstration areas, it is necessary to promote the mechanization, intelligence, and standardization of sanitation and cleaning, optimize the operation process, introduce new equipment and new technology, and strengthen disinfection work according to the requirements of sanitation and epidemic prevention; do a good job in keeping the ground, road, green space, building facade, roof and urban furniture clean. Make the standard of the "urban living room" demonstration area higher than the standard of national civilized cities. Make sure there are no neglected corners of hygiene in the public space, no stains on urban furniture, and no garbage in the water.

Reported by Zhang Yue/Anhui Daily

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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