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Heart warming actions in Anhui yield good results

Pub Date:22-08-22 16:24 Source:Anhui Daily, cnanhui.org

When General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected Anhui, he emphasized: "We must start from the most intense, prominent, and urgent problems reported by the masses, and enhance the pertinence, effectiveness, and sustainability of people's livelihood work." Accordingly, in the past two years, Anhui province has deployed and implemented ten actions to warm people's hearts, and it has ensured that the "things to do" were accurately docked with the "things that the masses look forward to."

On August 12, children play happily in a kindergarten in Dongshan Subdistrict, Xiangshan District, Huaibei City. The subdistrict promotes the care service for young children under the age of 3 to solve the problem of childcare for dual-employee families during summer vacation time. Correspondent Feng Shufeng, Photo by Guo Suyun

On August 5, older people are having a meal at the elderly canteen of Shanshui Huating Residential Complex in Chaohu City. Chaohu City has introduced social power to provide meal assistance services for the elderly in the residential complexes according to the "ten-minute dining circle." It has built 15 elderly canteens and 61 meal assistance buffets. Photo by correspondent Ma Fengcheng

A few days ago, volunteers provided convenience services for the masses to apply for and install license plates at the Shuangqing Neighborhood, Gulou Street Office, Yingzhou District, Fuyang City. Photo by Wang Biao

On August 8, a smartphone class was opened at the Tonghe Yiju Party and Mass Service Station, Guangming Community, Xiyuan Subdistrict, Shushan District, Hefei City, where volunteers taught the elderly to use smartphones. Photo by reporter Fan Bowen

On the afternoon of August 13, Luyang District, Hefei City, held a special vocational skills competition in Huangshan Building. More than 60 Anhui chefs from more than ten catering units in the district competed on the same stage. Photo by reporter Li Bo

This summer, the Traffic Police Detachment of the Wuhu Public Security Bureau and relevant departments installed nearly 100 sunshade (rain) canopies at the intersections of the main roads in the urban area to provide shade and rain protection for citizens who walk and ride bicycles. The photo shows the citizens waiting to pass under the canopy and praising the traffic police with a "hand heart" gesture. Photo by Correspondent Chen Xiaobao

On August 16, the elderly students in the old-age service guidance center in Luyang District, Hefei City, took a waist drum class with their teacher. Through a combination of online platforms and offline services, the center provides day care services, including meal assistance, bath assistance, cultural and recreational activities, education and learning activities, etc., to meet the needs of the elderly in the community. Photo by reporter Cheng Zhao

On August 2, the masses were practicing Fitness Qigong at the "Senior Class" in the Cultural Square of the Party and Mass Service Center of Duijing Village, Niuji Town, Qiaocheng District, Bozhou City. The local units actively guide the masses to participate in fitness activities and enrich their spiritual and cultural life. Photo by correspondent Wu Qinghai

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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