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Diplomats explore Beijing's high-tech achievements in Mentougou

Pub Date:24-05-11 11:02 Source:chinadaily.com.cn

Beijing's western Mentougou district welcomed 32 diplomats from 23 countries across five continents on Tuesday to experience the area's high-tech achievements and green development.

As a former coal town and current ecological conservation area designated by Beijing's overall urban plan, Mentougou, located at the western gateway to the capital, is renowned for its lush greenery and pristine waters.

International guests visited the millennium-old Tanzhe Temple to explore the beautiful countryside and attractions, including Snow Peak's first store in Beijing and the Xitan Hotel.

At the Zhongguancun Mentougou Park, diplomats and business representatives visited the Science and Technology Innovation Center exhibition hall, the pharmaceutical achievement transformation center and the AI showcase area, according to Beijing Daily.

In the AI area, the Namibian Ambassador to China, Elia George Kaiyamo, said he was deeply impressed by the innovative achievements he witnessed in Mentougou. He believes that these accomplishments hold promise for playing a role in the new era.

This was Kiyamo's first visit to Mentougou, despite living in Beijing for years.

"I would love to introduce these innovative products to Namibia and discuss them at the upcoming Forum on China-Africa Cooperation in September, looking forward to promoting cooperation between Namibia and Mentougou," he said.

Through its transformation from a "Green Valley" to a "Healthy Valley", "Intelligence Valley" and "Leisure Valley", Mentougou has demonstrated immense development potential.

"Beijing is striving to introduce technology, drive investment, and promote community development," said Antonio Portilla, the Education and International Cooperation Affairs Manager at the Mexican Embassy in China.

During the visit, he found the cooperation showcased in Mentougou particularly intriguing, as it provided the necessary technological capabilities for development and infrastructure construction.

"It is these technologies spanning various fields like healthcare, artificial intelligence and manufacturing that offer Mentougou better economic development opportunities," he said.

"I have witnessed astonishing technological progress today," said Evgenios Kalpyris, the Greek Ambassador to China.

He emphasized the inseparable relationship between technological progress and natural ecology, saying that the former is also a part of nature.

The Beijing People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and the Mentougou district government co-hosted the event.

Zhang Qian, executive vice president of the association, introduced Mentougou to the visiting diplomats using three words: "momentum, toughness, and glamour."

She mentioned that in July last year, Mentougou experienced an unprecedented flood, with the entire district of 400,000 people uniting with fearless courage to search for missing villagers and repair infrastructure.

As various reconstruction efforts progress, the area's production and living order have largely returned to pre-disaster levels.

"This persistent spirit is Mentougou's resounding calling card and will be the most convincing reason for everyone to choose Mentougou as a partner for cooperation."

Editor:Qin Shuying

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