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Anhui will promote 13 public employment service activities In 2022

Pub Date:22-01-10 15:14 Source:www.wehefei.com

On January 9, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security that the province has made arrangements for the special activities of public employment service in 2022. And the province will carry out 13 public employment service activities in succession during the whole year.

The relevant person in charge of the Employment Department of the Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security introduced the specific arrangement of the continuous public employment service activities in different periods and for different groups.January is the "Employment Assistance Month".The urban and rural people with difficulty in finding jobs, members of zero-employment families, disabled registered unemployed persons and retired fishermen in the areas under the jurisdiction will be provided with key assistance in finding jobs.From January to March, rural workers who are willing to work or start their own businesses,returned migrant workers,and enterprises in need of employment will be served. And a series of activities will be held to offer help and work assistance to workers who are stranded in the employment places affected by the epidemic and enterprises in need of continuous production and labor during the Spring Festival,such as "Spring Breeze " ,"Pick You Home" and other activities.

From March to May, special activities will be held in large and medium-sized cities to jointly recruit college graduates, focusing on fresh college graduates and college graduates who have left school and are under unemployed condition.In April will be a recruitment month for private enterprises,college graduates,ex-servicemen,laborers out of poverty, registered unemployed, and migrant workers.In April and October, a special job fair for ex-servicemen was held to encourage them to find jobs and start their own businesses.On May 15, an activity was held to help the disabled, especially those who have the ability to work and desire to find jobs.From May to August, the province will launch online recruitment campaigns targeting college graduates, migrant workers, the unemployed in urban areas, laborers out of poverty and employers in need of recruitment. From August to September, the province will carry out employment service action for college graduates in 2022 and previous years.Around October 17, an action for employment assistance will be held, focusing on helping people out of poverty, counties with key assistance in rural revitalization, and relocation and resettlement areas. From October to November, recruitment activities for private enterprises with large recruitment needs, small and medium-sized enterprises, registered unemployed people, college graduates without employment, and retired military personnel will be held to help enterprises solve the difficulty of stabilizing employment and promote the matching of supply and demand of human resources.

In late November and early December,targeting the class of 2023 college graduates, previous college graduates with employment wish and other target groups,the "Human Resources Market of College Graduates Employment Service Week" activities will be held to provide employment services for them.From March to June, October to November, with college graduates and skilled personnel as the key objects, cross-regional talent exchange activities will be held. Relying on the network recruitment platform such as Anhui Public Recruitment Network, cross-regional job fair will be held for joint recruitment in large and medium-sized cities.From March to May, November to December, with emphasis on the college graduates and skilled talents, Yangtze River Delta Talent Integration Recruitment activities will be held.The province will organize some employing units to participate in the Yangtze river delta region (Shanghai) talent exchange fair and recruitment activities for college graduates in Yangtze river delta, vigorously promote the efficient flow of human resources in Yangtze river delta,improving the facilitation of public services.

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