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Anhui Cultural and Tourism Benefiting the People Consumption Season kicked off

Pub Date:24-05-20 17:19 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Hosted by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province and the People's Government of Hefei City, the second "520" Anhui Cultural and Tourism Benefiting the People Consumption Season kicked off on May 19 and will continue until the end of October this year, lasting for five months.

During the event period, Anhui province will hold more than 1,500 activities tailored to local conditions, launching products such as "performances, cultural relics, intangible heritage, agriculture, sports, research learning + tourism." Among them, focusing on the theme of food, it will launch "Traveling in Anhui with Delicious Food," creating a Jianghuai cuisine brand, and organizing more than 200 series of events such as Shouxian county Food Carnival and Jixi Hui Cuisine Culinary Culture Tourism Festival.

As an integral part of China's outstanding traditional culture, intangible cultural heritage is a cultural treasure passed down from generation to generation. In today's era of diverse aesthetics, how can we invigorate these cultural legacies with new vitality? Anhui insists on shaping tourism through culture and enhancing culture through tourism. On May 19th, Anhui simultaneously launched the 2024 "Anhui Intangible Cultural Heritage Shopping Festival," an event that will continue until June 30th.

The festival features highlights such as "hundreds of live streamers promoting products, thousands of goods for sale, and tens of thousands of yuan in discounts for the benefit of the people." It has recruited 201 co-creative partners for the brand and implemented 231 promotional plans, focusing on sales and benefits. The province has jointly carried out activities to bring intangible cultural heritage into shopping districts, scenic areas, and streets for display and sale, with plans for cities and counties across the province to hold a total of 103 major intangible cultural heritage exhibition and sale events.

In this "520" Anhui Cultural and Tourism Benefiting the People Consumption Season, an innovative "partner recruitment" plan has been implemented, extensively recruiting over 700 units (individuals) including scenic spots, homestays, catering hotels, financial institutions, major enterprises, and internet influencers to become partners for the "520" Anhui Cultural and Tourism Benefiting the People Consumption Season.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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