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Progress in Anhui Cultural Center's New Building and Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall Project

Pub Date:24-05-14 16:55 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On the morning of May 13th, at around 11 o'clock, the underground structure of the Anhui Provincial Cultural Center's new building and the Anhui Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall, which are constructed by China Railway No.4 Engineering Group, were successfully capped, marking the beginning of the above-ground construction phase.

The project is located at the northwest corner of the intersection of Jiangsu Road and Ziyun Road in Baohe District, Hefei City. It covers a total land area of 50.6 mu and a total construction area of 32,400 square meters. This includes an above-ground construction area of 23,500 square meters and an underground construction area of 9,000 square meters. With the completion of the underground structure, the project will transition from underground construction to above-ground construction.

The Anhui Provincial Cultural Center's new building project and the Anhui Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Hall project aim to create a landmark that integrates Anhui's cultural, regional, and functional characteristics. The newly built cultural center will serve as a public art promotion center for the entire province's cultural centers, while the provincial intangible cultural heritage exhibition hall will become the most authoritative and comprehensive provincial-level exhibition hall for intangible cultural heritage in Anhui. It will also serve as the main venue for large-scale intangible cultural heritage exhibitions and activities, the main platform for social education on intangible cultural heritage, and an important platform for domestic and international exchanges on intangible cultural heritage in Anhui province.

Source:  anhuinews.com

Editor:Zheng Chen

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