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Hefei honored as 'Livable City in China with Pleasant Climate'

Pub Date:23-02-09 17:03 Source:Hefei Daily


Anhui Radio and Television Center in Hefei

The reporter learned from the Hefei Meteorological Bureau yesterday that the China Meteorological Administration recently announced the results of the 2022 Climate and Ecology Brands establishment activity. Hefei City has been awarded the national climate certification and won the title of "Livable City in China with Pleasant Climate," becoming the first provincial capital city in the country to receive this honor.

The criteria for the award is mainly based on 42 indicators in five categories: climate livability, adverse climate conditions, climate and ecological environment, climate suitability, and climate landscape.

The climate in Hefei is pleasant, mild and comfortable, with an annual average temperature of 16.1ºC; an average annual number of suitable temperature days of 121.2 days; a more extended number of days in spring and autumn, and the climate is ideal for vacations in all seasons.

Hefei has sufficient sunlight, rain and heat over the same period. The annual sunshine hours of Hefei reach 1929.2 hours, with a daily average of 5.3 hours. From May to September, the light, rain and heat resources are synchronized, which meets the excellent growth conditions of various organisms so that Hefei has remarkable biodiversity.

The annual precipitation days in Hefei are 115.2 days, and the rainy days are balanced in four seasons. In Hefei, the yearly number of days with suitable wind speed is 285.6 days, and the annual average relative humidity is 75%, which makes it very suitable for people to live and preserve their health here.

On November 17, 2022, at the expert review meeting organized by the China Meteorological Administration, experts said that in recent years, Hefei City has accelerated the construction of a new urban form of "symbiosis of forests, lakes, gardens and the city" that fully complies with the requirements of "Livable Cities in China with Pleasant Climate."

Reported by Hua Xinhong

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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