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Hefei Blue Sky Rescue Team rushes to Türkiye after earthquake

Pub Date:23-02-08 16:13 Source:cnanhui.org

Member of the Hefei Blue Sky Rescue Team

The earthquake in Türkiye on February 6 caused severe casualties and property losses. On the afternoon of February 7, eight members of the first echelon of the Hefei Blue Sky Rescue Team set off from Hefei carrying rescue equipment. They will fly to Türkiye this afternoon to carry out rescue work.

"Teammates, the Türkiye Earthquake Rescue Operation starts now. Everyone get on board!" At around 4 pm on the 7th, at the Blue Sky Rescue Team headquarters in Hefei, four team members took their equipment and drove towards Wuhan Tianhe International Airport. At the same time, the other four members took the high-speed rail towards Wuhan. The eight members will gather in Wuhan with Blue Sky teammates from all over the country and fly to Türkiye on the afternoon of the 8th to carry out rescue work.

Member of the Hefei Blue Sky Rescue Team

Liu Xiaodong, a member of the Hefei Blue Sky Rescue Team, introduced that since the Turkish earthquake, the Hefei Blue Sky Rescue Team has immediately entered standby mode and has been monitoring the situation in Türkiye, collecting information such as the weather, disaster situation and other information. Many members actively signed up and wanted to go to Türkiye to save the people.

"Two major earthquakes occurred within 10 hours, and with the impact of snow and bad weather, we predicted that the rescue may be challenging." Liu Xiaodong said. To ensure the safety of the rescue team and the smooth implementation of rescue work. All the team members carried professional earthquake rescue equipment, personal protective equipment (PPE) and emergency supplies and will keep in touch with the base at any time.

Member of the Hefei Blue Sky Rescue Team

According to reports, the first batch of the eight members will rush to the most severely damaged areas, and the rescue time is expected to exceed 15 days.

Reported by Zhou Yong

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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