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2022 World Manufacturing Convention highlights preview

Pub Date:22-09-19 16:41 Source:anhuinews.com, cnanhui.org

From September 20 to 23, the 2022 World Manufacturing Convention (WMC), co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, and the Anhui Provincial People's Government, will be held in Hefei.

What dazzling equipment and remarkable technologies are in the exhibition hall of this year's WMC? On the afternoon of September 18, the reporter came to the convention's main venue in advance to find out.

The main venue of the 2022 WMC

The exhibition area of SINOMACH.

It is an uncrewed tractor equipped with a power shift and unmanned system, and its efficiency is increased by 40% compared with a mechanical tractor of the same power.

"This 2ZG-6D1 high-speed rice transplanter has overcome more than 60 technical difficulties and greatly improved farming efficiency. Its standardized rice transplanting method also improves the survival rate of seedlings, which is more conducive to the field management of seedlings in the later stage." The person in charge of the booth told the reporter.

The exterior of Royalstar prefabricated smart sightseeing home.

In the Royalstar exhibition area, a small villa-like mobile housing attracted many visitors. According to reports, this is a Royalstar prefabricated smart sightseeing home, which can easily be placed in various tourist spots such as lakeside and mountains.

The interior of Royalstar prefabricated smart sightseeing home.

In this 38-square-meter smart home, the interior space is divided into a living room, toilet, shower, bedroom, and balcony. The bedroom has a panoramic skylight, allowing the occupants to lie in bed and see the stars, which is very romantic.

The exhibition area of China National Building Materials Group Limited

The exhibition area of Lenovo

The exhibition area of CETC

Besides, in the Guochuang Software exhibition area, the intelligent wire-controlled flatcar demonstrated its strength in the field of lightweight driverless tech. The Lenovo Morningstar quadruped robot has changed everyone's traditional impression of Lenovo. The emergency command aircraft brought by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation (CETC) allows people to see the future air emergency rescue technology.

Reported by Zhang Yipu Fu Xiuyun/Anhuinews.com

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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