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Hefei Metro Qiangnong special train launches

Pub Date:22-08-05 16:00 Source:anhuinews.com, cnanhui.org

Qiangnong special train is officially launched

On the morning of August 4th, the "Qiangnong" (strengthen the agriculture) special subway train jointly built by the Hefei Municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Hefei Rail Transit Group Co., Ltd was officially launched on Line 3 of the Hefei metro.

The special train of "Qiangnong" is themed with "Gathering together leading agricultural enterprises to improve Hefei's industrial image." New Hope, Le Jinji, Guangming Huaixiang, Youyu Yao, Qiaqia Daily Nuts, Tianmei Xianji Canned Nuts, and many other famous local high-quality agricultural brands and products are exhibited on the train.

The colors of the 6 carriages are the primary colors of the brands so that it will improve the brand recognition and make it more integrated and harmonious in visual communication; hand-painted and cartoon images are also used to show the innovative spirits of the brands.

In addition, the other two "Qiangnong" special trains will also be launched on Line 1 and 2 of the Hefei metro soon.

Inside the Qiangnong special train

The launch of the "Qiangnong" special train is the continuation and expansion of the subway exhibition and sales activities of famous, high-quality agricultural products.

Previously, the Hefei metro has used special-shaped wall stickers to promote agricultural brands and products at the entrances and exits of 11 popular stations such as Dadongmen, Sipailou, and Xiqilitang, making the subway station an exhibition and sales platform.

Besides, large LED and PIS screens in the stations have scrolled to demonstrate high-definition pictures of famous local, high-quality agricultural products, further promoting Hefei's agricultural brands.

Reported by Tan Meiling

Edited and Translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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