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Hefei's most beautiful campsite by Chaohu Lake officially opened

Pub Date:22-08-01 16:05 Source:anhuinews.com, cnanhui.org

Sunset Frisbee, open market, summer night concert... On the evening of July 30, the Hongshizui campsite in Liujiafan town, on the shore of Chaohu Lake, was crowded with people, and the lights and stars were dazzling like the Milky Way. It has become the most beautiful check-in place for Hefei citizens to enjoy the lakeside scenery.

On the evening of that day, a sudden downpour drove away the heat and brought coolness and fresh air. Walking to the campsite, we can see the hills in the distance, and the trees nearby are green and luxuriant. Like a green canvas, the flat lawn spreads out under the feet.

The afterglow of the sunset and the beautiful rainbow ignited the passion of the Frisbee players. Every time they ran, caught and passed, there were applause and cheers at the scene. "Marvellous, it's the first time I watched the Frisbee game. I'll go back and practice it." Tourist Ma Pengfei said excitedly.

On one side, in front of Liujiafan cultural and creative market, the traditional tiger-head shoes were extraordinarily festive and cute, attracting the attention of many tourists. On the other side of the market, the sizzling sound of grilling in front of the barbecue stall tempted everyone's taste buds. Cold drinks, coffee, beer... The tent stalls were well-spaced, and the tourists were cheerful and energetic. "It's very pleasant to enjoying the beautiful scenery while having delicious food," said tourist Zhan Xiaohu happily.

When night fell, Music Festival and bonfire party started. Guitars, electronic organs, saxophones, violins, and other musical instruments played beautifully. Solo and ensemble were performed in turn, and the singing was melodious. Lying in tents, sitting on beach chairs, and standing in front of the stage, everyone looked relaxed, carefree, and happy.

"It's great, holding these themed activities here makes camping more exciting." Tourist Zha Jun praised.

Hongshizui Park is located on the northeast bank of Chaohu Lake and west of Liujiafan, Changlinhe Town, Feidong County. It is known as the "Little Gulangyu" in Hefei. Phase I of Hongshizui Campsite, with a total investment of 10 million yuan, is divided into static area, dynamic area, supporting area, and landscape area. It is the best campsite around Chaohu Lake, integrating leisure vacation, outdoor sports experience, and other functions.

Its core camping area is located inside Hongshizui Park, covering an area of 100 acres. It is constructed according to the four-star standard of Fédération Internationale de Camping, Caravanning (FICC). It has a high-standard lawn area of nearly 20,000 square meters and can accommodate nearly 1,000 people for camping. It covers fixed camps, free camping areas, catering facilities, 20 outdoor leisure sports, and entertainment playgrounds and is positioned as a trendy sports lakeside campground.

According to reports, Liujiafan Hongshizui Campsite is one of the four campsites around Chaohu Lake built in Feidong County. The remaining 3 campsites are expected to open one after another before October 1 this year, becoming the new check-in places in Hefei City, promoting rural tourism in Feidong, and activating the "night economy."

Reported by Liu Yucai

Edited and Translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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