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Escape Summer Heat in E China's Anhui

Pub Date:2019-07-16 10:25 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Anhui Public Meteorological Service Center on Monday unveiled the third list of resorts for tourists to escape the summer heat, bringing the total number of officially recognized summer resorts in Anhui province to 45.

Those summer resorts, including well-known mountains and rivers, have temperatures below 28 degrees Celsius.

The 45 summer resorts are listed as follows:

Main Peak Scenic Area of Dabie Mountains in Huoshan county

Mozitan township, Huoshan county

Taipingfan township, Huoshan county

Jinbang village, Yuexi county

Tiantangzhai Scenic Area

Lianfengyunhai Scenic Area in Qingyang county

Poshan village, Qizili township, Qingyang county

Huashi township, Jinzhai county

Huizhou Ancient City Scenic Area in Shexian county

Azalea Garden Scenic Area in Yuexi county

Guniujiang Scenic Area in Shitai county

Moon Bay Writers' Village in Huoshan county

Sanyang township, Shexian county

Qingshuizhai village, Yuexi county

Mingtang Mountain Scenic Area

Xianyu Mountain Scenic Area

Zhubu township, Yuexi county

Hongtan township, Huangshan city

Zuishanye Scenic Area, Shitai county

Huoshan Grand Canyon Drifting Scenic Area in Huoshan county

Huangzangyu National Forest Park in Xiaoxian county

Tianzhu Mountain township

Fengyang Mountain National Geological Park

Guanzhuan township, Qianshan city

Huangfu Mountain National Forest Park

Aili village, Yandun township, Nanling county

Yefu Mountain National Forest Park in Lujiang county

Marenqifeng Scenic Area in Wuhu city

Bailu Island in Chuzhou city

Wanfo Lake Scenic Area in Shucheng county

Qiaotouji township, Feidong county

Meixi township, Yixian county

Huihang Ancient Trail in Jixi county

Xikou township, Xuanzhou district

Baidian township, Guangde county

Yunle township, Jingde county

Siqian township, Taihu county

Zhangshan Mountain Grand Canyon in Jixi county

Nixi township, Dongzhi county

Jingzhou township, Jixi county

Longtan village, Zhouwang township, Xuancheng city

Yingzhou township, Jixi county

Yaocun township, Langxi county

Liqian township, Xuancheng city

Guanzhuang township, Qianshan city


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