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Huoshan County, a Tourist Paradise of Anhui Province

Pub Date:2019-04-23 09:03 Source:www.cnanhui.org

Huoshan county is located in the core area of the National Eco-functional Zone in Dabie Mountains. It is called a natural oxygen bar for its 76% forest coverage. Huoshan is regarded as a "magical green valley". It is the hometown of more than 6,500 species of plants and animals, with 1,793 kinds of traditional Chinese medicines growing there, among which Huoshan Dendrobium ranks first of the "Nine Magical Chinese Herbs". Huoshan is also famous for its tea in China, Huoshan Huangya tea, together with Mt. Huangshan and Huangmei Opera, is praised as “Anhui Three Huang ". Huoshan owns not only the main peak of the Dabie Mountains-the Baima Jianxiong peak, but also has the "First Dam of New China"-the Foziling Dam, and three large reservoirs.

On April 18 and 19, while entering Huoshan county, the journalists could not help exclaiming that it was really "a tourist paradise".

The flowers were in full bloom in Chuancang Village, Taiyang Town, Huoshan county, Lu’an city, Anhui province.

The picture shows cruise boats are sailing in Mozitan Reservoir Scenic Area, Huoshan County, Lu’an city, Anhui province.

(By Zhang Yanlin)


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