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Anhui restarts regular int’l passenger routes from Dec 15th

Pub Date:22-12-15 15:42 Source:Anhuinews.com, cnanhui.org

After two years and ten months, Anhui restarted regular international passenger routes.

At 17:04 on December 14th, a Condor flight DE2362 from Frankfurt, Germany, landed steadily on the runway. The airport duty personnel, including the frontier inspection police, started to get busy. It is reported that the flight will take the route from Hefei to Frankfurt, Germany, on the morning of the 15th, the next day.

Since the suspension of regular international passenger routes in February 2020, Hefei Airport finally pressed the "restart button" for passenger transport. The Hefei Frontier Inspection Station has played an essential role in promoting the resumption of flights and ensuring the maiden flight.

"During this period, we proactively visited the Airport Group and its on-site units, took the lead in holding symposiums on the exchange of frontier inspection business on international routes at airport ports, collected five opinions on frontier inspection work, researched and proposed six suggestions for the resumption of flights, and participated in the formulation of international passenger flight guarantee scheme under the conditions of epidemic prevention and control, and promoted the resumption of the airport and the expansion of services." Ji Debao, director of the frontier inspection department at the station, introduced.

According to statistics, although international passenger routes at Hefei airport have been suspended since the epidemic outbreak, cargo flights' popularity has increased. In the past three years, the Hefei frontier inspection station has withstood the huge pressure to "curb imported COVID-19 cases". A batch of frontier inspection police officers went to the front line of closed-loop duty, and safely inspected 1,967 international cargo flights, 12,923 entry-exit personnel, and about 40,000 tons of import and export goods.

Reported by Shi Ruiwen

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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