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New Hefei Science and Technology Museum about to open to public

Pub Date:23-01-06 17:23 Source:cnanhui.org

Recently, the new Hefei Science and Technology Museum (Nature Museum) construction project, which has attracted much attention from the public, was successfully completed overall. It is currently undergoing construction in the exhibition area and is expected to open to the public before July this year.

The new Hefei Science and Technology Museum is more than four times the building area of the old Science and Technology Museum. It covers a total area of about 11.5 acres, with a total construction area of about 50,000 square meters, including four floors above ground with a construction area of 30,000 square meters and one floor underground of which the construction area covers 20,000 square meters.

Due to the various cutting-edge architectural technologies applied to the construction process, the new Hefei Science and Technology Museum is praised by many citizens as an "intelligent box". The entire pavilion uses a stair-like design with layers crossed like steps, and successfully blends into the surrounding landscape, which not only manifests the theme "human, nature, technology" but also emanates the upward power of scaling new heights in science. The construction company was able to save space while ensuring the quality of the project by employing multiple resources and technologies such as self-compacting concrete. When building the long sloped green roof, the construction team managed to create a land of greenery on the roof of the museum by overcoming technical difficulties caused by high slopes, plant cultivation and maintenance, etc.

Inside the museum hall, there is a conspicuously huge spherical building. "This is the new dome theater of the museum, and also the province's largest indoor sphere building," said a staff member from Hefei Key Construction Project Bureau. It has an internal construction area of about 450 square meters, which consists of 200 square meters of screen area and a viewing room of 250 square meters. The 48 suspended push-out movable seats allow the audience to have a 162-degree viewing angle.

The exhibitions of the new Hefei Science and Technology Museum include nearly 900 items in several permanent halls entitled "curiosity", "smart manufacturing", "Yang Zhenning gallery", and so on, and will center on "exploration & experience, recognition & comprehension, transformation & innovation". According to Hefei Key Construction Project Bureau, the museum will have 13 exhibition halls after full completion. It will form a versatile cultural place integrating exhibition, education, and entertainment functions, thus providing citizens with a more comfortable public environment.

Editor:Fanxi Feng

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