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Around 1,500 Oriental storks fly over Chaohu this year

Pub Date:22-11-18 16:23 Source:Anhuinews.com

Oriental storks in Chaohu / Photo by He Bin

The temperature in Anhui plummets as the winter approaches. Recently, Xu Lei, a staff member of the Anhui Federation of Rare Bird Conservationists, and Tian Shengni, a teacher at the School of Life Sciences of Anhui Agricultural University, observed and photographed the spectacular sight of three or four hundred Oriental storks flying over Chaohu Lake.

The Oriental stork is a first-class protected animal in China and is known as the national treasure. As the environment in Hefei gets better in recent years, and ten wetlands around Chaohu Lake have been fully completed, more rare bird species have come to visit Hefei.

Since the beginning of autumn this year, bird-watching enthusiasts in Hefei have successively photographed Oriental storks migrating from the north through Chaohu Lake. According to statistics, about 1,500 Oriental storks have been recorded flying over Chaohu Lake.

Experts said that it shows that Chaohu Lake has become a vital migration channel for Oriental storks. "When they fly near Chaohu Lake, they will stop and roost to replenish food and then continue to fly south for the winter."

According to statistics, last winter, about 20 Oriental storks were wintering in Chaohu, and it is expected that more rare bird species will spend the winter here.

Reported by Zhang Mengyi

Edited and translated by Zheng Chen

Editor:Zheng Chen

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