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More than 280,000 new urban jobs were created in Anhui in the first four months

Pub Date:24-06-19 10:55 Source:english.anhuinews.com

Employment is the most fundamental aspect of people's livelihood. Since the beginning of this year, Anhui has vigorously carried out actions to improve and expand employment, actively explored and cultivated new forms of employment, created more high-quality job positions, and ensured overall stability in the province's employment situation.

To solidly support the employment of key groups such as migrant workers and college graduates, Anhui has issued policy documents this year including "Notification on Doing a Good Job in Employment and Entrepreneurship of College Graduates and Other Young People in 2024" and "Notification on Promoting the Decentralization of Public Employment Services to the Grassroots Level." These policies aim to facilitate precise supply-demand matching by organizing high-density special job fairs and establishing a number of grassroots employment service outlets with strong service functions. Additionally, Anhui is committed to nurturing a batch of new industry technical and skilled talents through skills training and vocational skills competitions. The first Intelligent Driving Developer Challenge Yangtze River Delta Regional Selection Competition was recently held in Hefei, with Anhui organizing nearly 10 teams to participate. The competition serves as a catalyst for training, and currently, several vocational colleges in Anhui have launched intelligent driving application courses, actively providing skilled talents for enterprises such as JAC Group and Chery.

Steady employment measures are exerting efforts in the same direction, and the employment situation is stable and improving. From January to April, the province saw a new urban employment of 282,900 people, an increase of 3.56% year-on-year, completing 41.6% of the annual target and exceeding the planned progress by 8.27 percentage points.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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