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The Inter-Provincial Cooperation Promotion Meeting for the Hangzhou-Huangshan World-Class Natural Ecology and Cultural Tourism Corridor was held

Pub Date:24-05-23 16:55 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On May 22nd, the inter-provincial cooperation promotion meeting for the Hangzhou-Huangshan World-Class Natural Ecology and Cultural Tourism Corridor (hereinafter referred to as "Hang-Huang Corridor") was held in Hangzhou Lin'an.

At the promotion meeting, several key documents were released including the "Hang-Huang Mutual Benefit Policy for Culture and Tourism," "Important Achievements along the Hang-Huang World-Class Corridor," and "Major Industrial Projects along the Hang-Huang World-Class Corridor." Promotion officials from both Hangzhou and Huangshan also presented their respective introductions of the golden tour routes along the Hang-Huang World-Class Corridor.



The construction of the corridor aims to promote the integration of cultural and tourism resources along the route, jointly expand markets, build brands together, enhance the attractiveness of tourism, create a world-class cultural and tourism destination, and provide pioneering experiences that stimulate new momentum in the cultural and tourism development of adjacent regions.

Moving forward, the Hang-Huang Corridor will further break down administrative boundaries and achieve ecological co-protection, industrial co-prosperity, public co-improvement, and shared wealth through integration in regional division of labor, public services, and urban-rural coordination, among other aspects. This will serve as a model for regional innovation and cooperation between the two areas, realizing mutual benefits and win-win results.

Source: anhuinews.com

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