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Anhui's distinctive agriculture turning "local specialties" into "major industries"

Anhui's distinctive agriculture turning 'local specialties' into 'major industries'

Pub Date:24-05-10 17:02 Source:english.anhuinews.com

In recent years, Anhui has been promoting the transformation of its characteristic agricultural industry from "small specialty products" to "major industries," giving rise to a number of nationally renowned specialty agricultural brands such as Anhui tea, Changfeng strawberries, and Dangshan pears.

When discussing Anhui's distinctive agriculture, one cannot fail to mention Changfeng strawberries. In Changfeng, a small strawberry has leveraged a major industry worth tens of billions, directly and indirectly driving employment for 360,000 people.

Everyone has tasted strawberries, but have you ever seen hundreds of varieties? At the Changfeng County, you can find 232 strawberry varieties from around the world.

To effectively connect "small-scale farmers" with the "large market," Changfeng today has established ten major sales channels, including wholesale markets, e-commerce platforms, production and sales orders, and foreign trade exports.

Data shows that in 2023, the total industrial chain value of Changfeng strawberries exceeded 11 billion yuan, ranking as the top county for facility-grown strawberries in China for several consecutive years. The "small strawberry" has truly become a major industry promoting rural revitalization.

In Dangshan, known as the World Pear Capital, when 500,000 mu of pear trees enter their full bloom, tourists from all over the country gather under the thousand-year-old pear trees. Dangshan County leverages the Pear Blossom Festival and the Pear Picking Festival to attract visitors both online and offline, developing distinctive projects such as ecological picking experiences and homestay experiences to draw tourists for spring outings. Products like pear candy, pear paste, and pear liquor have become favored souvenirs among tourists.

By developing characteristic agriculture, the countryside is becoming increasingly vibrant, greatly enhancing the sense of gain among farmers.

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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