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Certain COVID-19 experiments in Beijing prohibited

Pub Date:23-02-03 15:12 Source:ecns.cn

A researcher works at a lab in a health industrial park in Yongchuan district of Chongqing, on Dec 16, 2022. (Photo/Xinhua)

Conducting experiments related to COVID-19 in Beijing that go beyond an approved range is prohibited, and laboratories are required to set up special repositories to store virus strains or samples, according to a notice released by the city's Health Commission on Wednesday.

Experimental activities including virus cultivation, animal infection experiments and nucleic acid testing can only be carried out with the approval of the National Health Commission or the city's Health Commission, in strict compliance with regulations governing COVID-19 lab biosafety management, the commission said.

Laboratories engaged in experimental activities involving COVID-19 should fulfill their main responsibilities, promote a detailed risk assessment and strengthen personnel protection. Special repositories should be set up to store novel coronavirus strains or samples, with double locks and monitoring equipment.

At the end of approved experiments, the coronavirus strains or samples should be disposed of under the regulations, or sent to storage.

Transportation of a novel coronavirus strain, along with uncultivated samples of infectious biological materials, may only be carried out after approval.

The commission also urged regional health departments to release clear information on related units and include them within the scope of key controls to strengthen supervision and inspection and effectively prevent biosecurity risks.


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