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Yixian County, Anhui designated as China National Tourist Resort

Pub Date:24-06-14 11:00 Source:english.anhuinews.com

On June 12, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism organized recognition and public announcement according to the procedure, and Yixian County International Rural Tourism Resort was designated as one of the new China National Tourist Resort in 2024. This is the only tourism resort from Anhui Province to be selected this time and is also the first village-themed international rural tourism resort in the country.

The China National Tourist Resort is another prestigious designation that reflects the service level of China's tourism industry, following the national 5A-level tourist attractions. The China National Tourist Resorts and 5A-level tourist attractions represent the highest standards of China's tourism vacation and sightseeing destinations, respectively.

As a gathering place of ancient Huizhou merchants and the birthplace of Huizhou culture, Yixian County preserves 1,590 ancient buildings from the Ming and Qing dynasties. It boasts the World Cultural Heritage sites of Xidi and Hongcun villages, four key cultural relics under national protection, six national historical and cultural villages, 46 traditional Chinese villages, one national historical and cultural city, and 89 intangible cultural heritage items. Yixian County is renowned as the "Museum of Ancient Ming and Qing Residences in China" and a "Microcosm of Traditional Chinese Culture."

The designation of Yixian County as a China National Tourist Resort is an important initiative to drive the transformation of its tourism from a sightseeing-oriented model towards a leisure and vacation-focused approach. As an integral part of the Great Yellow Mountain area, the designation of the Yixian County as a China National Tourist Resort effectively integrates surrounding tourism resources, promotes coordinated development in Huangshan City and nearby regions, and creates a scale effect and brand effect.

Source: Huangshan Daily

Editor:Zheng Chen

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