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Splendid Cultural Tourism Brightens the Dragon Boat Festival Holiday

Pub Date:24-06-11 17:06 Source:english.anhuinews.com

During the Dragon Boat Festival season, various places in Anhui are immersed in a rich festive atmosphere with dragon boat races, intangible cultural heritage performances, and the fragrance of zongzi and mugwort, allowing people to experience Dragon Boat Festival customs and appreciate traditional culture through a variety of colorful cultural and tourism activities.

In Peach Blossom Pool of Jingxian County, the annual dragon boat race is in full swing. This year marks the 11th dragon boat race hosted by Jingxian County, known as the "Hometown of Xuan Paper." Forty-nine dragon boat teams are winning rounds of applause from the audiences with their exquisite skills. Since ancient times, Peach Blossom Pool has had a tradition of dragon boat racing, with high participation enthusiasm among villagers. This year, 85-year-old Zhai Daman, though too old to row, gives clear instructions on technique to his descendants.

In Shouxian County of Huainan City, 21 local dragon boat teams compete fiercely in the millennia-old Anfeng Pond, demonstrating a spirited determination to strive forward. Along the banks of the Xin'an River, 24 Chinese and foreign dragon boat teams compete intensely.

During the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, Luogang Park in Hefei hosted a variety of traditional cultural activities including zongzi (rice dumpling) wrapping, opera performances, Hanfu (traditional Han clothing) parades, and mini music festivals. Each day saw the visit of tens of thousands of tourists coming to explore and experience these events.

During this Dragon Boat Festival holiday, people savored the cultural flavors and fostered a deeper love for their country and home through a vibrant array of activities. 

Source: anhuinews.com

Editor:Qin Shuying

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